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CardioWorks monitors and treats patients following a cardiac event by offering intensified coronary hospital care in the patient’s home.

Interventions to resolve acute vascular occlusion e.g. coronary angioplasty (PCI) during an acute myocardial infarction (MI), have in common that the medical intervention resolves the acute problem.

Intensified coronary monitoring follows immediately upon a PCI and aims at ensuring that the patient’s condition is stable and to prevent or early recognize cardiological complications. Furthermore cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention are initiated immediately after the intervention to prevent possible new cardiovascular events.

CardioWorks offers medical care comparable to the Coronary Care Unit of the hospital, but on a more appropriate location, namely the patient’s home.


More pleasant for the patient who feels ‘human’ in his own environment and a ‘patient’ in a hospital environment.
Cost reduction per patient.
Better utilization of (scarce) nursing staff.
Nursing with more patient centered span of control (job satisfaction).
Less burden on hospital nursing capacity

The same care in the right place

Vascular coronary intervention procedures have been studied in detail, refined and improved over the last decades. Because of this scientific knowledge about the relationship between clinical parameters and outcome indicators, a reliable prediction can be made for individual patients for the occurrence of any coronary complication and/or risk.

Meanwhile new technological innovations have made it possible to continuously, remotely and reliably monitor clinical vital parameters, such as EKG, blood pressure and saturation. Moreover the application of the AED has become more accessible, allowing adequate action in the rare event of a life-threatening heart arrhythmia (such as ventricular fibrillation).

Why CardioWorks

CCU unnecessary

Connected Care protocol

CardioWorks has combined these factors into an innovative so-called ‘Connected Care’ concept: a combination of an eHealth infrastructure and a medical team consisting of Cardiologists and Nurse Specialists in the field as well as by videocall. This healthcare concept will soon be available to monitor low risk coronary patients directly after PCI in their own living environment.

CardioWorks in pictures

eHealth platform

Field nurse for consultation at home

24/7 nurse helpdesk

Cardiological teleservice

CardioWorks is a virtual hospital organisation:

CardioWorks employs a team of Dutch cardiologists with visiting address in Mijdrecht (NL). CardioWorks works together with the medical service center of NAAST-ZCN, Techmedic International B.V. as a technical partner and Radboudumc as academic research center for clinical cardiology and applied healthcare studies. The Connected Care concept of Cardioworks consists of four legs:

eHealth platform

Monitoring of clinical vital signs 24/7 in real time, such as; EKG, bloodpressure, saturation, etc

Field service

Powered by specialist nurses for physical home consultations


24/7 call center powered by nurses for triage, FAQ and mental support

Cardiological teleservice

For admission/discharge and medical specialist consultation

Which cardiac patients can be included for this kind of cardiac monitoring and where is it available?

CardioWorks will initially focus on patients with low risk myocardial infarction who underwent PCI successfully. In a well-controlled setting these patients will be transferred within 24 hours after leaving the interventional suite to the home situation to be medically monitored- and treated- according to the connected care protocol . In the future, the aim is to be able to take over a patient within 12 hours after angioplasty. As experience and routine is gained, this service could be extended to patients with more complex acute MI and/or cardiac surgery patients.

In cooperation with the Radboumumc academic research Center for interventional cardiology and the department for applied healthcare studies of the Radboudumc, CardioWorks will further develop and test the Connected Care concept, for all kinds of clinical scenarios, in the Nijmegen (NL) area.

CardioWorks customers:

Future business to business customers of CardioWorks are cardiological intervention centers/cardiac surgery centers for the gradual substitution of their own coronary care units.



Bozenhoven 95 Unit G
3641 AD Mijdrecht (NL)


CoC: 34229865
VAT: NL8150.35.330.B01
IBAN: NL69 ABNA 0570 7929 08

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